About Us

Our mother had favorite cakes that she would bake all the time and often neighbors looked joyfully to a slice of her homemade cakes.

From the time my younger sister and I grew tall enough to handle cooking on the stove, Momma's teaching us began with basic and delicious cakes.

Her most favorite of all was her PINEAPPLE COCONUT CAKE WITH BUTTERCREAM FROSTING.   Alone or with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream...aaahhhhh...heaven.  It's not only our family's favorite but our My Momma's Cakes customers' too.

We decided to begin a small, local upstart home bakery located in the metro-Cleveland, Ohio area of Warrensville Heights.

Including our Mom's favorite Pineapple Coconut cake, we've expanded our menu to include several flavors of cakes.  These are exclusively layer cakes because that's what Momma liked and what she taught us to bake.

We trust you will love them too.